Mellat Bank Marketing and Sales comprehensive System


With the advent of knowledge and new technologies, especially in the banking world, customer specialized management has embarked upon a number of new features that have a comprehensive and customer-centric look and based on the type and nature of customers, it manages, defines and delivers specialized services tailored to the customer's structural and behavioral characteristics.Therefore, in order to become a comprehensive bank, Mellat Bank has also launched new banking lines based on clients of corporate, small and medium-sized enterprises, wealthy individuals and microfinance banks. Accordingly, in order to integrate marketing activities, as well as to create an evaluating performance system and compensating for services related to the sale of products and services, the marketing and sales comprehensive system, including the following sub-domains, was produced and implemented:

  1. Jame Zarin system
  2. Takrim_ Mellat Plan System and new design system of Mehan's customers
  3. Backup account system
  4. Customer Lifecycle Management System
  5. POS receptionists system
  6. Insurance System

The main features of this system are:

  • Customer-centric system based on customer profile, branch and personnel
  • Based on the processes of attracting, retaining and upgrading customers
  • Time and spatial analysis at the levels of the bank, district, area, zone and branch
  • Execute of Mahan, Torkim, and Zarin Cup, Gamer, Observers, and Backup account
  • Analyze customer behavior and submit decision support reports
  • Integrate marketing activities and improve marketing and sales processes
  • Identifing potential customers in different geographic areas for the start of the sales process
  • Notify to sales personnel of the products and services of the customer group (different groups of comprehensive banking) and thus the opportunity to sell new products and services to current bank's customers (actual customers)
  • Increasing badnk's absorption and deposition of liquidity
  • Maintaining and enhancing market share and being beyond of competitors
  • More specializing in bank services and products
  • Access to a variety of analytical reports
  • Developing the necessary data infrastructure for business intelligence
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