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Yaas Arghavani Industrial Engineering

Yaas Arghavani Industrial Engineering Company started its activities in 2003, relying on the valuable experiences of a group of managers and gathering experienced and expert forces. Currently, the company, in partnership with a number of different business experts and university graduates in different levels of education, and the creation of a coherent network of partners, human capital required to providing the most qualitative services in the field of Analyse, design and implementation of practical applications, management consulting and performance improvements, data analysis and project management.

Axial values

Customer Orientation
Professional Behavior
Creativity and innovation
Observing professional ethics
Attention to employees as the main assets of the company

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Bank Mellat was established in 1979 and was adopted by the General Assembly of Banks. The Banks, with a paid up capital of 33.5 billion Rials as a merger of ten private banks. Currently, the bank's capital amounts to 1.467.983 billion Rials and is one of the largest commercial banks in Islamic Republic of Iran, ranking among the top 1000 banks of the world. The objective of the bank is rendering bank services throughout Iran and facilitating domestic and foreign commercial affairs and involving in production fields to render services to the economy of Iran. The activity term of the bank is unlimited and its head office is located in Tehran. The operations of the bank at the onset of its activities included opening and keeping current and savings account, accepting deposits, granting loans and credits, carrying out foreign currency transactions, performing duties of trusteeship, administration, attorney ship and representation and performing other bank operations and commercial transaction which are not prohibited by virtue of prevalent laws and regulations of Iran. Bank Mellat is honored to have 27.000.000 clients, 2000 branches in Iran


Fanavaran Hooshmand Behsazan Farda Holding Company

Behsazan Farda Company was established in 1995 to provide information technology services in banking for its owner (Mellat Bank). Currently, 7 companies are qualified under the umbrella of this holding; one of them is Yaas Arghavani Industrial Engineering Company.

With the help of God and on the eve of New Year, a new era of the life of Yaas Arghavani Industrial Engineering Company will also begin. Company passed childhood and adolescence and is on the verge of puberty and prosperity. Undoubtedly, entering into new arenas and taking high steps requires a lot of effort and attempt. I am very glad that in the light of GOD’s attention and help and with the and assistance of the honorable members of the board of directors and all the key stakeholders in the company and with the effort and perseverance of my young, professional and committed colleagues, we achieved the goals set this year to make a small role in line Goal of the Bank and Holdings. Creating a dynamic and relaxed environment for partners, networking and utilizing all internal and external existing capacities, fostering creativity and innovation, regulative and transparency in corporate performance and information, meritocracy choices, proper interaction with the bank's partners, trying Regularly addressing the bank's challenges and requirements, continuous improvement of the quality level of services and products and the use of world-class technologies in the field of professional ethics has always been the main and key policy of the company this year. Thanks and appreciation to all my colleagues and, given the company's entry into new areas of technology and innovation in the coming year, I would like to request all my experienced managers and colleagues that by continuing their endeavors and with respecting professional ethics and core values of the company, make it possible to achieve the long-term goals of the coming year