Management consulting and information technology

Compilation of a Strategic Plan for Information and Communication Technology, Organizational Architecture, Assessing and Managing the Situation of Information and Communication Technology Providing consulting services in software projects and IT (Prepared of RFP, consulting on the selection of contractors, bidding and monitoring of project implementation technically, etc.) Identify and improve business processes, processes reengineering, compliation of systems and planning at organizations operational levels.

Business Process Management (BPM)
Yaas Arghavani Industrial Engineering Company is one of the few companies that based on their experience in this field, offer these services, which is able to meet this need for its customers. The main benefits of using this package from the services of Yaas Arghavani Industrial Engineering Company can be summarized as follows:
• Defining the architecture of business processes based on specialized reference frameworks (focusing on banking)
• Designing and implementing a business processes management system
• Provide effective executive strategies to improve the processes management system
• Documentation of the status quo processes in the shortest possible time, taking into account the high experience in standardized and up-to-date language formats, which also quickly meets the software engineering process requirements.
• Fast detection of early-returns actions for improving business processes to create organizational commitment and passion.
• Adoption of strategic and operational approaches improving business processes to create the integrity between measures and initiatives for improvement in the organization
• Identification of Software Requirements Improving Business Processes and Compilation of a Justification program of the Business Processes Improvement from Application Softwares Perspective
IT consulting
The increasing development of information technology and the rapid pace of technological advancements around the world have led the organization's managers to look at information technology beyond an organizational need and put the information technology at the heart of their agenda.
The IT Consulting Unit of Yaas Arghvani Industrial Engineering Company, based on the , knowledge, specialized potency and experience of existing human resources, provides a variety of services in the field of IT consulting to organizations, the most important of which are the following:
• Compilation of the Strategic Plan for Information and Communication Technology
• Organizational Architecture
• Modeling and documenting the status of information and communication technology
• Implementation of Information Technology Management ITIL, COBIT
• Consulting and overseeing information technology projects
• Design and compilation of the organizational structure of the field of information technology
Strategic planning
Leading organizations in today's challenging business environment are not the ones that have the most resources and best capabilities, but they are among the groups that have the most adaptive power with environment. The need to understand environmental changes and the power to adapt to them, in order to maximize the long-term interests of stakeholders, is a secret to the success of successful organizations.
The main benefits of using this package from the services of Yaas Arghavani Industrial Engineering Company can be summarized as follows:
• Monitoring and analyzing the perimeter of the organization over specified time
• An accurate analysis of internal capabilities in financial areas, technology, processes and human resources
• The development of strategic pillars includes mission statement, vision and values in an effective and practicable way.
• Formulating the strategy and identifying the organization's results-oriented goals at the landscape horizon
• Designing a variety of scorecards at different levels to measure the performance of important organization areas
• Analyzing the logical relations between performance measurement indicators and modifying the expected relationships between control goals in each scorecard.
• Install and deploy a performance evaluation software system in the form of dashboards and privilege cards
• Providing software services for connecting databases to the performance evaluation software system
• Designing a strategical indicators reporting system and designing the reports required in this area
• Designing a strategic budgeting system and optimally allocating the resources to strategies
• Planning and implementation of process and organizational structure of the undertaking of Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement
• Revision and design of organizational structure based on approved strategies
• Identification of strategic processes, strategic capabilities and strategic resources along with their monitoring mechanism The successful experiences of the Yass Arghavani Engineering Company in large and small, industrial and service enterprises, coupled with the high level of technical knowledge of the company' specialists , ensures that customers benefit from the benefits of the implementation of these services.
Consulting in the field of comprehensive banking
The spirit of comperhensive banking is focused on the leadership and management of various customers groups and the widespread use of the capacity of relationship with customers to integrate service delivery. Introducing the bank industry modern services and organizing them in the form of meeting to the needs of customer groups, as well as being professionally involved in the production of maximum products and the cost effective and economical services, requires the fundamental changes in the current business model of the country's banks. The main services offered in this section are:
Designing conceptual model and changes of the comprehensive banking implementation program
Compilation of practical and software methods for identifying and distinguishing existing customers How to optimize the porting of service delivery by customer groups
Design and produce of software required for the operationalize of a comprehensive banking system
Designing the organizational structure and the roles and responsibilities needed to adapt to comprehensive banking models.

Design and implementation of software applications

Feasibility, analysis, design and implementation of software solutions, design, production and implementation of specific software and customer order, providing software integrated solutions, design and implementation of bank special softwares

Software production
The software production department of Yaas Arghavani Industries Comany. has focused on developing software systems in the field of comprehensive banking and effective communication with its customers.
This group, Since its inception, has been based on the fact that by utilizing the practical capability and experience of the experts, meanwhile attaining to the right identification of the needs of banks and utilizing knowledge and efficient methods, it has provided a system which is high-quality, reliable, functional and integrated for contract's employers . The Yaas Arghavani Industries Company considers, the path of achieving the goals set in the light of its ethical and profissnal principles, and considers the secret of it's success and powerful presence in the banks of the country as well as being one of the pioneers of the information technology industry, due to loyalty to its organizational values.
Software analysis
The data analysis department follows these goals: To create self-sufficiency and autonomy in extracting data, reporting and analyzing them, and assuming responsibility for these actions. Improving the quality, Coordination and data integrity, increasing the level of business agility, and ensure that the data are up-to-date and available and that they can be converted to meaningful information to effectively support decision-makings, providing a trusted environment (valid) and secure for data management.

Statistics and data analysis

Provide services in the field of business intelligence and data analysis in the organization and the business environment in order to support managers' decisions, identifying the necessary statistical and informationally requirements for the organization, and optimizing the collecting method of the data and informations.

Data Mining
Data mining is a process that involves collecting, analyzing data and developing learning models for making practical decisions and appropriate actions based on the gained knowledge.
Banks today maintain transaction data and other banking data and customers in the very large databases that can be used for extracting valuable information from these sources.
Traditional statistical methods do not have the enough capacity and ability to analyze these data; therefore, data mining techniques have grown rapidly in all industries, including banking, and can be used to solve business problems in the financial and banking industries Have a broad participation.
With regard to the application of data mining in the banking industry, we can mention the following:
• Detection of fraud and defraudation
• Monitoring and supervising staff
• Cross-selling
• Creating loyalty in customers
• Segmentation and clustering of customers
• Making profil from Customers
• Determining the credit score
• Credit risk and risk management
• Evaluation of the Performance of Banks and Financial Institutions
• Prediction of bankruptcy of banks and financial institutions
• Identify the crisis
• Recognition of customers’ withdrawal
• Online Marketing
Statistics and information are one of the most effective and necessary factors for planning, evaluating performance and decision making at different levels of management. In addition, the success rate of managers in executing the programs and achieving the desired results and the extent of achieving their organizational goals has a direct relationship with the amount of utilization of accurate, up-to-date and effective statistics and information. Therefore, the use of this tool has been the growing focus and attention of policy makers and community planners.
Despite the problems that a large amount of data creates for the organization, it provides opportunities for business, which can obtain deeper statistics and analysis about the status of the organization than before and acheive more comprehensive information. Such analysises are often found to be meaningful in the form of business intelligence, and a basis for decision makings and plannings at a variety of external and internal organizational levels.
The lack of accurate and timely information is the biggest problem for an organization. Since managers are pressured for decision making, in the absence of access to the necessary information, they usually have to risk on a conjectural decision-making, which in many cases results in the loss of some business interests. Providing a business intelligence platform, followed by a management dashboard and analytical reports, makes it possible to access, manage, and analyze data at a lower cost and time.
Spatial analysis and geographic information systems are a powerful way to connect individuals, transactions, environmental trends, and customers to places. The spatial analysis of the converter is a massive amount of data to separate and understandable packages that greatly enhance the power of data analysis. Several uses ranging from fraud detection to network location and measurement, and measure loyalty of customers to products and their segmentation, all by transforming this massive amount of data into spatial data, has been facilitated, and offers a unique competitive advantage to financial institutions and banks.
Yaas Arghavani Industrial Engineering Comany, based on its unique experience in this field, has provided the following services to the banking system of the country:
• Design and development of banking business potential assessment systems at the level of macro-cities of the country
• Compilation of the strategies for the development and setting up of the branches network involves identifying mergers, displacements and the establishment of macro-cit branches
• Compilation of the strategies for setting and development of ATMs
• Performance appraisal and targeting of operational indicators at the level of branches based on the potential of banking business
• Identification of Focusing Centers of Important Customers and Managing Customer Relationships through Transactions' Geographic Analysis
• Identification of potential customers based on customers groups (based on comprehensive banking model)
• Geographical Analysis of Supervisory Areas and Branch Management for Balanced Management of Customers and Branches at macro-cities Levels
• Analysis and optimization of money transfer ways and securities transportation

Project management and control

Consultancy, design and deployment of systems and procedures of project management, project's program and portfolio in accordance to the needs of organizations, structure design and deployment of project management office, project plan and portfolio, assessing the level of organizational maturity of project management and providing a solution and roadmap for increasing organizational maturity level, installation, training and launching of various types of enterprise project management tools and softwares in accordance of client's requirements, consulting and providing projects risk management services. Services of Yass Arghavani Industrial Engineering Company in the field of project management and control are:

Design and implementation of a project management comprehensive system (program and portfolio)
In recent years, the knowledge and profession of project management has become from a complementary career in organizations to a completely separate profession, like all other businesses. Although in project-based organizations, projects management and project portfolio are part of the core processes and the main chain of value of each organization, this does not mean the operations-oriented organizations don't need to project management.
Undoubtedly, the high quality of the comprehensive system and project management system and the use of appropriate tools and softwares tailored to the needs of the organization are considered as part of the competitive advantages and strategic competencies of each organization and help them to enhance their competitive ability in the future of the business market. This is accomplished by designing and implementing a comprehensive system and project management methodology specific to the organization and hence the use of the required appropriate tools and software.
Organizations have differernt needs, competencies, processes and human capital, which requires the customization of systems and project management models for each organization.
Design and deployment of project management office, program management and project portfolio (PMO)
The achievements of implementing these services are as follows:
• Effective management of start, scheduling, implementation, control and termination of organization's projects
• Creating a comprehensive and integrated environment for managing all projects, project portfolio and organization resources and the integrity of all work routines, creating a project database.
• Designing and implementing a customized model for organization projects management
• Centralizing and coordinating organization projects management
• Monitor the management of projects, programs, project portfolio or their combination
• Comprehensive vision of the organization and organizational goals as a Whole
• Central monitoring of timelines and budgets
• Prioritization, coordination between projects, programs and portfolio of the organization, leveling and allocating resources, assistance in completing detailed descriptions of projects and identifying achievements.
• Creating a comprehensive and integrated environment for managing projects and project portfolio and the integrity of all routines work.
• Development and implementation of a unit methodology for project management and organization resources
• Planning and controlling the organization's projects and warning timely of deviations from the goals of the project and organization
• Providing comprehensive, integrated and timely reports for stakeholders at different levels and helping senior executives for decision making and decision taking on current projects of organization
• Establish a standard system tailored to the needs of the organization for documenting projects
• Creating a database of projects, programs and...
• Sharing information and experiences in the organization, and recording and transferring the lessons learned of projects as process capital of the organization and.......
Program and control of construction projects
Providing planning and control services for construction and construction projects in five groups of project management process (initial, planning, implementation, control, termination) and in four phases (project planning phase, project control phase, creation and implementation of mechanized Project management systems, project quality control) from land delivery to temporary and definitive delivery.
Implement, localize and customize various types of the integrated systems of the organizational project management
Today, imagining the implementation of processes without an integrated, enterprise, networked and powerful project management system that has portfolio management capabilities, is almost impossible. Therefore, mechanization of the system and management processes is one of the most important parts of the implementation of the project management office. In this regard, the company has been providing service of installation, implementation, training of organizational management platforms, and process mechanization. EPM software, based on the sharepoint platform, has many benefits, as well as is easily integrated with other softwares and project management models, and has capability to customization tailored to any needs of organization.
The achievements of implementing these services are as follows:
• Mechanization of the projects managements, programs, and project portfolio of organization
• Creating a mechanization system for project documenting management
• Generate all kinds of management reports required
• Creating a comprehensive, integrated and enterprise environment for effectively managing resource and projects and facilitating space of teamwork and documentation.
Design and implementation of project management dashboards
The dashboard allows managers to balance their goals and activities through defining, monitoring, and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs), and also show the status of enterprise projects.By making a common view of goals and activities; they will make good and effective decisions.